If You Have Any Problem In Your Eyesight Contact With Your Doctor

Cataracts are common as you age and they affect your vision because the lens of your eye starts to get cloudy. Your vision becomes less clear and it looks like you are looking at a cloudy mirror. You might find you have a hard time reading or driving at night. In most cases, cataracts develop slowly, but they become worse with time and you will eventually need cataract surgery to remove them.

Important info from The Sight Clinic – Symptoms of cataracts include blurred and cloudy vision, light sensitivity, seeing halos around lights, glasses prescriptions that keep changing and colors that seem to fade. If you notice any symptoms of cataracts, you need to make an appointment with an eye doctor right away so you can get them treated.

Cataracts often form as you get older and they are going to continue to get worse so you want to address them as soon as you can. Diabetes can increase your risk of getting cataracts and taking steroids can increase your risk as well. It is important to get your cataracts treated because they will keep getting worse. Your lens can actually turn brown and make it very hard to see.

Cataract surgery is a good treatment for cataracts because it works and it is very effective. The surgery will restore your vision and during the surgery, the doctor is going to remove the damaged lens and replace it with an artificial lens. Your eye might feel uncomfortable for a few days and you will heal completely in about eight weeks. Check out this http://thesightclinic.co.uk/cost-of-cataract-surgery to know more about cataracts surgery.

Your doctor will only schedule surgery on one eye at a time and once you have healed from the first surgery, you can go ahead and have the second surgery. Cataract surgery is a great choice if you have cataracts.

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