Social Media vs Search Engine Marketing

Social Media vs SEO

To begin with this article started off as a comment in reaction to MOGmartins article about Social Media, PR vs Traffic. Where the debate is,

Whether social networking sites, like facebook and twitter are of use to big corporations as traffic resources, or are they just vehicles for public relations and one to one, or even one to many communications.

Now I agree and disagree at the identical time, allow me to explain. Social networking is about making connections with individuals that it will do for individuals, but I do not think it will do for most companies now in time to make a marked increase in the profitability of a company.

Quality of Traffic

Traffic is produced by Social media like Facebook and Twitter. Whenever someone clicks through what is the users aim. Could it be to buy from or utilize the provider’s solutions, for the most part , no. I myself visit a link and click on it to be nosey.

Using SEM or search engine optimization if a user clicks through from Google ,Yahoo or even Bing you can make sure that they’re actively looking for what you have to offer. The consumer was characterized by the internet search engine. Of course some customers are more qualified others but for the most part a user coming from a search engine will convert to a paying client click a good deal better then a user from Facebook or twitter.

The Flip Side

There’s a flip side to this debate in that fan pages and twitter is similar to an segmented email list , it is filled with individuals who are interested in 1 way or another in everything you have to offer. So per mind, these curious individuals will convert quite nicely. Is presented if the right deal.   These folks are waiting to see the next huge thing and just have to be told about it . A nicely coordinated email list could be a gold mine letting you sell to the identical individual over and over again. Social networking I see working in a similar way.

The Upcoming

Nobody can be certain of the potential of social networking and search advertising will be. My opinion is that we will observe a total merging of the two, we see the start using Google and Bing revealing tweets in search success. We will to have to wait and watch.


Yes social media has an ever growing role to play in traffic creation for companies we will only have to be imaginative in how we utilize these stations.


Wow wrote this article some time ago and in all a great deal has changed social websites is increasing in its significance as a standing signal for SEO. I spoke about a merging of social networking and search advertising back in 2010, well thats happening in a way. I concentrate more or less solely on internet marketing and see that to get a nicely rounded successful campaign you will need to send the appropriate signals to Google and the other search engines. Links used to become king but they seem unnatural and questionable without some kind of proof that your content is helpful. If lots of hyperlinks appear with no social signals that looks unnatural in the view of the search engines.

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