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In a recent study (2014) conducted by Neustar, social media advertising was proven to be the most effective online paid channel for driving impressions, clicks and conversions at a low cost. Its popularity is increasing and businesses are now allocating on average 28% of their advertising budget on social media advertising.

Here at Lilac James, our Cambridge SEO & Marketing professionals are not only specialists in PPC advertising but social media advertising too. Depending on your business and the products or services you offer, we can recommend the perfect strategy tailored to your needs.

Our favourite social media advertising platforms include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, if you are interested in other platforms we can also help you. Why not call us today on 01480 219355 and find out more.

If your account is already set up, they will offer you some advice on how to improve and optimise your profile. Let’s take a look at the different platforms.

If you are looking to encourage website clicks and conversions of a new target audience, they may recommend a news feed advertisement specifically targeted to that audience based on their age, gender, income and page likes.

B2B Advertising

If you operate in a business to business market our Cambridge PPC & SEO team will recommend LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn offers a platform that advertises to a very specific demographic including active job hunters, recruiters and corporate executives. Firstly, our Cambridge team of marketing professionals will set up your business page. If you already have one set up they will offer you their advice on how to improve and optimise it for you social media advertising campaign.

The two options that our expert team specialise in are sponsored posts and display ads (PPC). Sponsored posts are a great way of increasing the followers of your business page and improving post engagement. They appear in the home feed of users meaning that they are in a priority position and are more likely to be seen by all – even those that do not log in regularly.

If you are looking to increase visibility of your brand, create a big announcement or release a new product, sponsored posts are a great way to build and attract your desired target audience.

Display ads, also known as LinkedIn PPC, enables you to generate leads, website clicks and visitors, and build brand awareness. Very similar to AdWords you have the option to choose between a visual, text or video ad format. These ads can appear at the top, bottom and to the side of someone’s screen depending on the format you choose.

Although these locations do bring benefits to you as an advertiser, it is obvious to the customer that it is an advertisement and can sometimes put people off clicking. However with a clear message, brand values and a strong call to action, you are still able to attract your target audience and encourage clicks to your website.

The right social media advertising campaign can be very cost effective. Here at Lilac James, our Cambridge SEO & PPC team constantly monitor your campaigns making sure they are working correctly and performing in the way you want.

You can be reassured that you will always get the truth from our reports and if we think your campaign is not working for you we will offer you advice on how to get it right. For more information about our social media advertising, call our Cambridge expert team on 01480 219355 – we will be happy to help.

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