SEO Efforts Can Be Helped by 3 Reasons Why Social Media Strategy

3 Reasons your social media Plan can help your Search Engine Optimization efforts

Posted at 21:43h at SEO by Chris Dinham

While they may seem polar opposites on the digital marketing and advertising spectrum, both Social Media and SEO have much more in common than you think. Both need upgrading, constant monitoring and consistency and both bring top quality visitors to your website. Most of all, they both should be the two biggest drivers of traffic out of advertising.

With so much in common you’d think they could be intrinsically connected. Yet plenty of entrepreneurs still debate the impact social networking has in

It is possible to see why.

The big G would like you to stay on its platform. That much is evident. The more time you stay on Google the longer you use services and just its products. To these Facebook, Twitter are competitors to their biggest revenue stream — advertisements.

Some entrepreneurs argue that since social networking accounts may be manipulated (eg. Followers purchased) Google uses this as an excuse to emphasise that the profiles — and the platforms.

Yet I think they’re taking a look at the wrong metrics.

In my opinion Social Media may have a massive influence on SEO and enable you to boost a new website up the search engine ranks.

Based on Searchmetrics’

“The correlation between societal signals and ranking position is extremely high, and the amount of social signals each landing page has stayed steady when compared with all the values from the past season’s whitepaper. … The top-ranked websites in Google’s rankings shows vastly more societal signals than all other webpages…. This is mostly due to the overlap between brand websites performing in social networks and also now being allocated to high rankings by Google.”

Yet, Matt Cutts (Google’s former thoughts of web spam) put out this video describing that social media doesn’t have an immediate impact on rankings.

For me, the answer lies in the significance of the two. Directly, no social media although may not have a direct effect is definitely does.

Here’s Why.

1. Dwell time onto your website

Amount #2 over the Goggle’s ranking variables list explored by is Dwell Time. This means that search engines take into consideration how long a person is on your own website.

As a general rule of thumb, if a client is spending a long time on your website, then you are answering the query or question of the user.

Search Engines love this and will reward you with greater rankings.

But how can you get clients get on your web site in order that they can ‘live’ if your website is new and does not become organic visitors yet.

Social Media.

Driving visitors to your website through social media provides the opportunity for search engines to find your content is great. Once this happens they’ll start testing it out.

Obviously your content has to become great along with your user must socialize and love your own website in order for this to take effect.

2. Encourages websites to connect to yours.

Another significant factor is the amount of relevant, quality websites linking to your own website.

Search Engines enjoy if other highly trusted websites link to yours. An instance of a trustworthy website is a news website, 9 news, the west etc..

These websites have been around for a long time and have built “trust” with the major G so if they connect to you it is a good indication in the eyes of Google that you are doing something correct.

If these lengthy rank sites trust you to connect to you, search engines will be more inclined to trust you also. Rewarding you.

Social Media increases the odds of someone finding the post, infographic or video and wanting to discuss it with their audience on their website.

3. Social Media Channels Are Search Engines.

Now, everyone does not just use Google and Bing to hunt for stuff. The truth is social media is utilised to look for items like recipes or travel hints.

For example Pinterest is large for hunts which include “best items to see in insert: town”. These hunts include an picture that sends them into the site.

Moreover if somebody is thinking of engaging your services for a local company, it’s likely they would use Facebook to assess what other clients say about the business.

Also do not forget Youtube! The biggest search engine on the planet. Strategically videos have MASSIVE capability to drive capable, ready to buy customers to your door.

Companies will need to expand the idea of SEO on their societal networking profiles and ensure if a client is looking for their brand on Social Media the perfect profile comes up first.

Wrapping Up

Google claims they ignore social networking signals, and yeah this might be accurate at a surface level. But what marketers will need to appear past is simply counting likes and shares, and begin to appear at the metrics that actually push SEO ranks. And use those to design campaigns which can assist increase rankings.

The positive impacts social networking can have in your overall internet strategy is huge but just once you take into consideration all the other types of internet advertising mediums.

Social Media and SEO are made to go together and help your company flourish.


Chris Dinham is your co-owner of a digital advertising agency specialising in creating prospects and revenue for your company through search engines. He frequently speaks about SEO in events held around Perth. An avid surfer and buff.

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