Pricing Strategies: The Best Way To Price Your Own Social Media Marketing Services

.Hi, I am Rachel Pedersen, founder of Social Media United. I am a networking manager that is social. I’ve also been hailed by Content advertising Institute as one of the very highly influential internet marketers.

These days, we are gonna discuss pricing approaches for social networking managers. One of my favourite topics. In the conclusion of the post, I’m going to discuss with you something that’s likely to provide you with a lot more worth than you would even think, it’s extraordinary.

Today, people ask me all the time, “Rachel, how do I price my services? How do I charge?” So many questions about it. Can I invoice before the fact? Should I invoice later? Can I discount my solutions? These concerns come up almost each and every moment. I would like to give only a bit of advice to you. That way, you may feel confident and empowered in your pricing on your services.

So below are my three tips for pricing your social networking management solutions.

Pricing Strategies: The Best Way To Price Your Own Social Media Marketing Services

#1- Don’t Utilize an Hourly Rate

Rather, you are likely to concentrate on monthly retainers. Why monthly retainers? This is why. Because as you become more skillful as a social networking manager, you ultimately are going to get faster at your work, and you shouldn’t be penalized this based on an hourly fee.

Rather, this monthly retainer guarantees that that’s the amount your client will pay month over month. Following that, you will not wind up being nickeled and dimed each and every month in regards to invoicing time.

#2- Bill For Your Services Before You Begin

I do not even jump on a telephone call or barely respond to a email before I get payment and there’s a specific reason. I see too frequently social media managers and other innovative professionals that are screwed over when the client doesn’t pay the invoice, maybe for months or even months.

It can be damaging for a organization. I highly recommend billing for your services before the work is to begin. You’re putting in time and energy to concentrate on procuring them an ROI, expansion of their next. You can’t be pursuing payment, it’s just not the way we operate.

#3- Raise Your Prices

And number three, I highly advocate, seemingly I like this word, highly, because we are talking about pricing, increasing your rates marginally. No, but I am serious, you likely aren’t charging enough.

Each and every month, I charge my customers between $3500 and $7500 a month to operate together and each and every day, I still have people begging to use me, and I mean literally begging, and they send me presents. Wait, do I mean presents or GIFs through Facebook Messenger?

I really don’t understand, you let me.

But the answer is, cost more than you believe that you are worth because the skills that you’ve learned and are continuing to learn are worth a lot of cash. You’re enabling business owners to grow their enterprise. That’s not something which lots of people can say.

So no matter where your prices are in, have a look, speak to a few other social networking managers that you respect, and I am gonna let you know, the odds are your prices aren’t large enough yet.

Let us Recap

Number 1, I want you to bill a monthly retainer instead of an hourly fee.

Number two, I highly recommend, highly, directly, that’s the important word of the video, is to charge before the work is to begin for customers.

And number three, back to highly, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you raise your rates because the skills which you have are worth plenty of cash.

But wait, I’ve got something special for you.

Actually, I taught a entire pricing strategies master class within of Social Media United, that is my university for social networking managers, the top university online for societal networking managers, to be special.

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