Want To Give Treat To Your Dog

For the average dog, life is an endless adventure full of new scents, new sensations and new experiences from the time they’re old enough to open their eyes until they’re so gray in the nose that their adventures rarely take them out of their homes. Still, for all the energy these creatures have, sometimes that energy is channeled in ways that their owners would really rather they not. Whether it’s howling loudly at nothing at one in the morning, running off the leash after a rabbit at the worst possible time or simply being so excited they lose control of their bladders, sometimes canine energy goes bad places.

One particular problem of dogs is the matter of unwanted chewing. Because dogs tend to vent a lot of their anxieties via chewing, an anxious, nervous dog tends to chew on almost everything, typically things that are expensive yet surprisingly soft, with furniture cushions and shoes. For dog owners trying to vent their pets’ need to chew, many have found that rawhide bone dog treats are very useful for directing their pets’ energy into a direction that does not involve the destruction of their property.

These treats are a rough amalgamation of dried meat and grain, thoroughly pulverized, dried into a stiff form and flavored with a range of flavors that dogs love. Because of the taste of these bones, dogs are more likely to gnaw on them than furniture when venting their anxieties. Important tips from dreambone.co.uk that excess usage of these bones can damage a dog’s teeth, typically leading to expensive veterinary bills that no pet owner wants to pay. Giving these treats to a dog and letting them chew on them for a while before taking the bone away and putting it in a plastic bag for later is a good idea, particularly for small dogs.

Posted by: Karen Rogers on