A Social Media Consultant’s Take on Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that digital marketing is a tool.

As a social networking advisor, I have witnessed the power of media in my customers’ marketing strategies.

Where many businesses go wrong — particularly with businesses that are smaller — is in their own content.

Here is how you can your content up match and leverage the best of digital.

1. Purchase Content

Not all firms have multi-million dollar marketing budgets, but the fantastic thing is that you don’t always need a large budget to perform content advertising.

I recommend that my customers invest in quality writing.


Because content that is good is worth every dollar you spend.

With pertinent content comes benefits like increased engagement, increased website traffic, and increased prospects. Content is now an investment which has the potential for payoff.

2. Develop a Rhythm

We have seen it. Firms that see and spam you with businesses or their nonstop social networking posts we check out was July 2013.

Don’t be either of these.

In my experience, business owners are at their highest. The undertaking is seemed like by asking them to commit to posting on social websites.

That’s why I recommend utilizing the ability of monitoring programs. Apps like HootSuite and Sprout Social can change your life.

Crowd Content even includes a handy Hootsuite program so you can schedule posts which were made by your writing team.

Set aside some time every week to organize your social content. Mix in with observation and responses and you’re set!

Twitter Facts

According to Twitter, you will find over 330 million daily active users, averaging about 500 million tweets daily.   The odds of your intended audience is uncommon, if you are tweeting every day.

The social specialists at Buffer recommend   posting three times every day on Twitter is ideal. After three, you might observe a decrease in market engagement.

Buffer Infographic

Image Resource: Buffer Blog

3. Always Review and Make Changes

The thing about media is that everything is actually real-time. Advertising left you stuck with an advertisement that has been under-performing with a price.

Digital media enables you to see just how your articles is being responded to by people the moment you post it. Your Facebook advertisement is doing not liking the way? Pull it and begin over.

Nearly all customers I have worked with say that switching from print advertising to digital has not only increased business prospects, it saved them money in the long term.

According to CMO Council, 28 percent of all marketers have actually reduced their marketing budgets in 2015 all due to digital marketing.

Goodbye print advertisements that are pricey!

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4. Be Patient

Marketing is the best investment you can possibly make on your digital marketing and advertising strategy, but expansion and engagement does not necessarily happen.

Stick with it! Consistency is key on your own strategy.

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