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International Internet Marketing Programs

Ecreative customizes our recommendations for your International website or Internet Marketing programs based upon our conversations with you, your needs, and the final goal you are trying to reach. Some of the projects or programs we can manage for you are Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and Website Development. We can also provide consultation on a regular basis or as a one time deal.

Search Engine Optimization

Ecreative provides search engine optimization services in every aspect of our web development, but we also provide programs that are geared towards gaining visibility in the search engines. We have initial and monthly programs that are focused around your target audience, the language they search in, and the search engines they use.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be an effective way to attract visitors and conversions. International PPC expands your ads’ reach with specific copy, keywords, and more to capture your market. With Ecreative, PPC management is easy and international.

PPC is a booming industry, and there’s a lot of competition out there. Our team knows how to write the ad copy that will get you noticed for your keywords and encourage relevant clicks that lead to conversions. Combined with optimized landing pages, we can turn your PPC around or develop a brand new campaign. Just for you.

We also test our PPC methods and continually work to ensure that your PPC campaign benefits from that. Your PPC ads will benefit from their continual refinement of ad copy, titles, and keywords. And to top it off, our knowledge of PPC is AdWords certified.

Our PPC campaign managers know who’s footing the bill, so we work closely with you to create targeted campaigns that maximize your budget and ad visibility. We’ll take the daily management of the campaign off your hands, freeing up your time, and present you with monthly reports recapping your PPC spending and visability.

Website Development

Intelligent website development is critical to any website’s success, especially your international site. Ecreative builds your site with search engines in mind – even engines halfway around the world. Your international website will have a head start in gaining visibility and visitors.

Content Translated & Localized

Every website visitor, wherever they are, should be able to get content that’s relevant to them and in a language they understand – their own. Your international site will need translated content that meets the needs of your market abroad. Our team helps you get your content written and professionally translated for any audience.

One Time or Monthly Consultation

With a one-time optimization or a monthly optimization program, we work to get your website visibility in multiple search engines, especially those in your markets abroad. We know what your site needs to be successful and we help you get there.hly reports detailing what you’re paying for. You’ll see our recommendations on how to spend your ad budget and know exactly what your ROI is.

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The “Hot Dog Stands” are beginning to reveal themselves more and more. As we engage and dig into more law firm marketing concepts throughout the country, we find that there are so many empty hot dog stands. What are hot dog stands? Technically, a business that sells hot dogs from an external counter. The keyword here is “external.”

I use a hot dog stand as an analogy for law firms marketing multiple websites. This includes a website with an absolutely different domain, subdomains, and external blog sites with a different domain name and several other infamous techniques. Don’t get me wrong, there are concepts out there that work using these methods but generally speaking, they do not.

The basics of why this is not the best of ideas:

NAP: Name, address and phone number for those not familiar with the abbreviated version. Google has its AI robots that follow a pre-developed algorithm. These robots visit your website, scan the website page by page, scan what you have linked to the website and leave with the information they’ve gathered including your firm name, address and phone numbers. They do the same with every other site available through the search engine.

What happens next? There is really no magic behind it. The same robots visit other websites including directories, profiles and other online sources like a Facebook. They scan these websites similar to the way they scanned your website.

Let’s use Facebook as an example and the steps that would be taken:

You can use the same steps for your GM (Google Maps Listing). These basic steps are taken for every platform your website is linked to.

It’s coming together, right? Back to why this is not the best of ideas….

You’re approached by a “Guru” of SEO and this bozo begins throwing domain names and strategies at you to develop and take over the local industry you’re in. (Before I finish, I haven’t captured anyone taking over any part of the US market using these methods.) You’re intrigued, it’s different (or it used to be) and you never heard of it before. “This guy must know what he’s talking about!”

This might only work if you did the following:

A small investment for something so lucrative, right? You did it, you now have two websites! Why? You have no idea other then you were told you should do it!

Quick vent: I mean seriously, wouldn’t you think that the several but few SEO companies producing results for their clients would have already thought this through, tested it and turned it into something if we thought it would work great for you?

Your main website domain is 12 years old. You’ve worked really hard on getting the domain, rankings and other forms of marketing to the best of your abilities.

Now, you have a 2nd website with a new domain (please don’t tell me you purchased a domain with high DA because they nearly don’t exist at reasonable prices anymore), new content, and it requires the SAME amount of work as your original domain did and more! Double everything!

Bozo’s original plan was to take this new website, include ONLY one specific practice area and then link it back to the main website for juice! That was the plan, was it not? Only to understand after much wasted time that all of this was useless and it only created more problems than you originally had.

Here are just a few examples of what I have found with law firms exposed to this concept before we took over:

Check out these duplication ratings. This is a recent law firm website with almost 100% content duplication, 94% to be exact. It was like this for one year until we pointed it out.

Note:  I’ve blurred these images purposely as this would not be fair to the firm.

The list goes on and on and the worse part is, this happens without the law firm knowing. Why? Because they put trust in the marketing professionals they hire and depend on them to do what is best for the law firm. When we build a client relationship, we make sure that is exactly what we are doing and we definitely don’t use hot dog stands that cause double work and headaches.

Using this concept creates hot dog stands and hot dog stands don’t last forever. I once owned and operated 1,272 landing pages nationwide. I woke up to only 7 left as the others were flagged by Google. I don’t want our clients to go through anything similar.

Clear, precise and smart SEO is what you should be focusing on. It’s what we focus on and we wouldn’t change it for some shitty concept that “might” work. Keep everything under one roof and one website. Don’t fall victim to any SEO bozo selling you hot dog stand ideas.

AKA- Night Ninja (I will call you out)

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Internet Marketing Florida, SEO West Palm Beach, PPC Adwords

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In West Palm Beach, FL search engine optimization is crucial, because you are competing within a very competitive marketplace. Search engines are not automatically going to display your website when people search for the products or services that you offer. Your competitors that are placing high in the rankings are utilizing state-of-the-art SEO techniques to attract traffic to drive sales. If you want to compete, you have to follow suit.

This is where we come in. Our company, American Creative, has been the standard-bearer for West Palm Beach, FL SEO excellence since 2007. The company has been providing marketing solutions since the latter portion of the 1990s, and we have satisfied over 12,000 customers. This is a very significant sample size that has developed over a long period of time. When you see this demonstrated history of success, you can go forward with confidence. We can and will implement a search engine optimization campaign that transforms your website.

West Palm Beach, FL Pay Per Click Management

google-partner-seoCertain search engine optimization techniques can drive traffic to your website organically without any advertising. This is one piece to the Internet marketing puzzle, but Google AdWords management is just as important. When someone conducts a search engine query, there will be organic results, but there will also be sponsored results that appear in prominent places on the first page. This is what pay per click or PPC AdWords management is all about. Our pay per click management experts can work with you to devise a PPC advertising strategy that generates a steady stream of qualified website visitors. Google, Yahoo, and Bing can be targeted, but there are other networks that can be part of your pay per click campaign, including social networks like Facebook.

Every successful company takes search engine optimization and pay per click management very seriously these days. Even the biggest companies that are already very well known budget tens of thousands of dollars (or more) each month for pay per click buys. If the Fortune 500 websites recognize the need, small businesses with limited visibility can certainly benefit from search engine optimization and PPC advertising. We are here to help if you are ready to get started. To speak with one of our West Palm Beach, FL SEO and Internet marketing specialists, call us toll-free at (888) 226-7608.

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We Know the Secrete – How to Make Your Videos Go Viral

Video Viral marketing is becoming increasingly important as YouTube is one of the most visited website across the world. This means that your potential customers are spending extra time on video and social media websites. Indidigital offers video viral marketing from start to production and then promotion on major social media & video websites. We as a YouTube marketing consultant, have experienced and expert video marketer team who will deliver the idea, story boards and comprehensive a shoot. Aditya Aggarwal is a renowned expert YouTube marketing consultant in India who focused on movie media marketing.

Video Viral marketing has become an important portion in modern times. Since the growth of social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and other social media sharing content sites has never been so easy. It is the sharing of engaging and attractive content via social media websites which becomes visible to a huge number of people or your potential customer in a short period of time. Basically, it is a video uploaded to YouTube or any other video website, which is then, shared amongst publically via social media websites. Mostly, the reason everyone want to share these content is because they are interesting. And sometimes it gives the reverse effect people are after – their videos can be hard-hitting and created to provoke a reaction. Some videos are strategic to sell products or services, whereas others are uploaded by individuals.

As one of best YouTube marketing expert, I know the right way to approach YouTube to help you grow your following and succeed with YouTube Marketing. I can develop a YouTube marketing strategy that will help ensure your business appear more prominently in YouTube search results.

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Social Media and Internet Marketing

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From the advent of social media up until now, it is inevitable that the influence of such a phenomenon on us is great. The mere fact that an average person spends at least three hours on Facebook alone is enough proof that social media and the internet is consuming most of the time of our lives.

That is why for the past decade or so, marketing has now moved from radio, media and print and has expanded in the internet. For some companies, internet marketing has been their preferred type of marketing medium because of several reasons. First, it is cheaper. The usual TV commercial advertisement can range up to $100,000 to $200,000 a pop and that cost can differ depending on the timeslot that you choose. If you are a start-up company that is still thriving on credit and has not yet tasted their ROI, then advertisement through the internet is relatively more cost effective as compared to radio and print ads. Second, it builds more traffic. Just make sure that your marketing style is catchy and innovative. The more innovative your marketing style is, the more it will be shared on the internet. And lastly, more and more companies prefer marketing on the internet since interaction with customers and consumers are better and faster.  Think of chat rooms, video conferences, email, Skype and so much more.

More and more are also using social media as a tool to proliferate and advertise. Influential and often used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It would also be helpful to have a well-organized and eye-catching website where people can visit. A great website should also contain your company’s information, product and background. It would also be a great help if your website is linked and is employing an efficient and effective customer service personnel; someone who immediately answers customer’s questions and feedback.

If you, as a company would like to start on internet marketing, but has no idea on how to handle and build traffic on the internet, it is advisable to tap an advertisement company who specializes on this. But before you dive and make a deal with that internet advertising company, it is imperative that you check that company’s background and efficiency. And if you have done that, expect to have great returns.